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Each Wednesday a dedicated crew of men, women and teenagers go to nearby cities to pick up boys, girls, teenagers and families that would not be able to come to church otherwise. It is true that the bus ministry provides transportation, but we are more than just transportation. The bus workers work very hard to bring people to Christ. They visit their regular riders every week and also look for new riders. The bus workers are in charge of an exciting program on the bus each Wednesday which includes a Bible lesson, singing, memorizing Bible verses, games, treats and much more. Our conscientious bus workers go to each home’s door to safely escort your children to and from the bus and back to your door at the end of the day. Our bus drivers are very professional and are required to meet strict standards for safety and training.

The bus ministry is a great way for church members to help in a ministry and to practice serving others. It is unique in its ability to provide entire families a way to serve Christ together. The bus ministry is an especially valuable training tool for our teens.





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